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The Eyebeam Artist Directory is a searchable, indexical resource of every artist who has been supported with a fellowship or residency. This directory is a work-in-progress.

Antoneta Preldakaj
Antoneta Preldakaj Student Resident
Kelly Jordan
Kelly Jordan Student Resident
#trashDAY Project Resident / Acoustic Infrastructure
CHiKA Research Resident
Joe Winter
Joe Winter Project Resident
Kid Kameleon
Kid Kameleon Collaborator
bnode Collaborator
Norene Leddy
Norene Leddy Project Resident
Glen Moore
Glen Moore Student Resident
Tahj Banks
Tahj Banks Student Resident
Brett McConnell
Brett McConnell Research Resident
Hernani Dias
Hernani Dias Project Resident
Wandy Marcano
Wandy Marcano Student Resident
Piotr Adamczyk
Piotr Adamczyk Research Resident
Michelle Nagai
Michelle Nagai Collaborator
Daniel Walmsley
Daniel Walmsley Collaborator
Georg Pederson
Georg Pederson Collaborator
Paul Berry
Paul Berry Collaborator
Ian Curry Collaborator
Emily Hartzell
Emily Hartzell Collaborator
Daniel Engber
Daniel Engber
Preston Scott Cohen
Preston Scott Cohen Collaborator
Sara Vogel
Sara Vogel Collaborator
Benjamin Weil
Benjamin Weil Resident
Patrick Davison
Patrick Davison Collaborator
Eugenie Shinkle
Eugenie Shinkle Collaborator
Wendy Seltzer
Wendy Seltzer Collaborator
James Fisher
James Fisher Research Resident
Nathalie Pozzi
Nathalie Pozzi Collaborator
David Pogue
David Pogue Collaborator
Knowear Project Resident
James Parks
James Parks Research Resident
HeHe Project Resident
Tali Hinkis
Tali Hinkis Collaborator
Caroline Spivack
Caroline Spivack Student Resident
Jade Highleyman
Jade Highleyman Student Resident
Luther Cherry
Luther Cherry Student Resident
Elana Berkowitz
Elana Berkowitz Collaborator
Jamie O'Shea
Jamie O'Shea Project Resident
Albert Yu
Albert Yu Research Resident
Max Lavicka
Max Lavicka Student Resident
Andrew Lynn
Andrew Lynn Collaborator
Spencer Brown
Spencer Brown Student Resident
Zack Booth Simpson
Zack Booth Simpson Project Resident
Zoe Penina Baker
Zoe Penina Baker Student Resident
Eric Reiffsteck
Eric Reiffsteck Collaborator
Michael Rosenthal
Michael Rosenthal Collaborator
Ye Won Cho
Ye Won Cho Research Resident
Alexander Porte
Alexander Porte Collaborator
Chihcheng Peng
Chihcheng Peng Research Resident
Ankkit Modi
Ankkit Modi Collaborator
Liisa Roberts
Liisa Roberts Project Resident
Michael Faulkner
Michael Faulkner Collaborator
neuroTransmitter Project Resident
Kevin McCoy
Kevin McCoy Collaborator
Ryder Ripps
Ryder Ripps Collaborator
JooYoun Paek
JooYoun Paek Project Resident
Evan Harper
Evan Harper Research Resident
Allison Schlegel
Allison Schlegel Honorary Resident
Britta Riley
Britta Riley Project Resident
Esther Sze-Wing Cheung
Esther Sze-Wing Cheung Teaching Resident
Patrick Davidson
Patrick Davidson Collaborator
cy x
cy x Democracy Machine Fellow
Ariana Marini
Ariana Marini Student Resident
Guilia Girgenti
Guilia Girgenti Student Resident
Ian Antoni
Ian Antoni Student Resident
Adriana Young
Adriana Young Teaching Resident
Justine Neuberger
Justine Neuberger Student Resident
Mandy Fong
Mandy Fong Student Resident
Sharon Mizrahi
Sharon Mizrahi Student Resident
Troika Ranch
Troika Ranch Collaborator
Tanjhid Choudhury
Tanjhid Choudhury Student Resident
Toni Koval
Toni Koval Student Resident
Robot Clothes
Robot Clothes Project Resident
Golan Levin and Zach Lieberman
Golan Levin and Zach Lieberman Project Resident
Beka Economopoulos
Beka Economopoulos Collaborator
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson Collaborator
Jayoung Chung
Jayoung Chung Project Resident / Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture
Pamela Liou
Pamela Liou Project Resident
Saito Koriel
Saito Koriel Project Resident / BuzzFeed Open Lab
Iltimas Doha
Iltimas Doha Student Resident
WU Juehui
WU Juehui Project Resident
MSHR Project Resident
Arielle Mella
Arielle Mella Student Resident

Eyebeam models a new approach to artist-led creation for the public good; we are a non-profit that provides significant professional support and money to exceptional artists for the realization of important ideas that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Nobody else is doing this.

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