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Rebekah Rutkoff
Current location
New York, NY
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
200203, Project Resident

Rebekah Rutkoff is a New York–based writer, artist, and teacher.

Rutkoff’s interdisciplinary research explores the crossroads of experimental film and media, poetics, and ancient and contemporary discourses about dreaming and cure. She the author of The Irresponsible Magician: Essays and Fictions (Semiotext(e), 2015), a collection of critical and performative texts on contemporary visual media, and the editor of a book of essays by and about the American avant-garde filmmaker Robert Beavers (Austrian Film Museum/Columbia University Press, 2017). She has been the recipient of fellowships from Princeton University, the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, and the Onassis Foundation. She is a recipient of a Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant for her work on the pioneering computer artist Lillian Schwartz.

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