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Daniella, a fair-toned woman with long black hair wears a black top and blue sweatpants with white stripes on the side, sits on a wooden stool in a garden, while holding a toddler.

Daniela Ortiz, Courtesy the artist

Eyebeam identified early on the importance of addressing the role of technology in the arts and society at large. Our flagship program, fellowships, is now hybrid and is designed to provide socially concerned artists who work with tech anywhere in the world with exceptional freedom to explore and create in an atmosphere of risk taking and experimentation. Fellowships often serve as a critical catalyst for artists, and artists become members of an expansive, active community of alumni worldwide.


Photo from Hito Steyerl exhibition, lit in blue you see a screen that reads "Money is Fluid_
Rapid Response Created out of an overwhelming desire to lift the voices of artists in a time of crisis and systemic collapse, the initiative arose quickly from conversations at the outbreak of the global pandemic, when Eyebeam paused its highly distinguished flagship residency for the first time in its history and closed its physical space in order to support New York City’s effort to contain Covid-19.

Eyebeam models a new approach to artist-led creation for the public good; we are a non-profit that provides significant professional support and money to exceptional artists for the realization of important ideas that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Nobody else is doing this.

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