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Toby Schachman
Current location
Oakland, CA
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
201213, Research Resident

Toby Schachman is an artist and interaction designer interested in new ways of seeing. Creator of Apparatus. Now working on Cuttle, a sort of productionized continuation of Apparatus focused on CAD for a 3D printing context.

Schachman currently is a researcher in the Communications Design Group working on alternative interfaces for programming.

He holds a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU and a bachelor’s degree from MIT. He is a previous Eyebeam fellow.




Open(Art) was a joint initiative launched by Eyebeam and Mozilla to support creativity at the intersection of art and the open web. It offers a unique opportunity for artists and technologists to collaborate on work that catalyzes participation on a global scale, and engages audiences through innovation, transparency, and utility.

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Toby Schachman – Pixel Shaders

“This is one of the key areas where the artistic community can contibute to the computer science communities.”

Pixel Shaders is an interactive book, platform, and community centered around harnessing the graphics processing unit (GPU) for artistic purposes. It aims to make GPU programming accessible to artists in the same way that tools like Processing made CPU programming more accessible to digital creators.

Pixel Shaders Workshop took place on July 13, 2013 in which he introduced the basics of shader programming and demonstrate some mind-bending hacks for creating real-time visual effects and interactive and generative visuals.

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