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Jeff Feddersen
Current location
New York, NY
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
200506, Project Resident

Jeff Feddersen works with software and hardware to push technology to do new and valuable things. Trained in computer science and music, Feddersen works for groups ranging from the Hayden Planetarium to HBO, which has resulted in award-winning public interactive experiences.

Feddersen was recently a designer and software lead for the PNC Beacon, a multi-story digital sculpture that expresses the inner workings of PNC’s LEED Platinum global headquarters, recognized by Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards.

As Field+Line, Fedderson works with partner, media artist Tetsu Kondo, on art and technology collaborations in Japan, including using computer vision to track the motion of jellyfish for the Sumida Aquarium.

Feddersen teaches at NYU’s graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program and helped develop video curricula supporting physical computing and energy.

Feddersen’s novel musical instruments and kinetic sound sculptures have been performed on and exhibited internationally, and he is the co-inventor of an electronic wind instrument based on the Japanese shakuhachi (US patent #7723605).

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