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Lilian Kreutzberger
Date and place of birth
b. 1984, Netherlands
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
2015, Project Resident

Lilian Kreutzberger is a Dutch artist who works on the intersection of painting, photography, sculpture, and digital imaging.

As a painter and sculptor, Kreutzberger aims to imagine the potentials and the futilities of utopias, urban space and digital space and materialize it into a visual and physical experience.

Her recent projects combine the notion of materiality, surface and representation in an ever-advancing connected digital world. Imagining the future as our surroundings covered in microLED surfaces that display images and moving images, Kreutzberger’s view foretells the shapes, function and volume related to materiality to be obsolete.

Kreutzberger received her BA from the Royal Academy of Fine Art in the Hague and her MFA from the  New School, New York. She was a resident artist at ISCP, New York in 2014, at Eyebeam, New York in 2015, and an Emerging Artist Fellow at Socrates Sculpture Park 2014. In 2016-17 she attended the Jan van Eyck Academie research residency program in Maastricht (NL). Kreutzberger was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, and the Buning Brongers Award for painting. Kreutzberger’s work has been exhibited at the Kunstmuseum, The Hague; the Royal Palace, Amsterdam; The Kitchen, NY; World Expo 2010, Shanghai; 1709 Gallery, Richmond, VA; and Foam Museum for Photography, Amsterdam, among others.



Eyebeam Project Resident (2015):

Engineering Hope (2015)
19’ x 48”
Untitled (2015)
48” by 36”
Untitled, in progress (2015)
48” x 36”

All works in Acrylic mixed with plaster in laser-cut wood

Drawing from the aesthetic of prefab buildings
and urban planning, these abstract paintings are
“floor plans of fictional places.” They suggest public building projects. Their scale and material make them ambiguous: is it a map, a motherboard, or a hieroglyph?


This project was featured in a group exhibition for the 2015 Project Residents titled, “Inside/Out”

About Eyebeam Exhibition: Inside/Out (2015)

Featured Artists:

Kenneth Kirschner and Joshue Ott, Joanna Cheung, Tega Brain, Lilian Kreutzberger, and Collaborators Gene Kogan and Lisa Kori.

Lines don’t just separate; they’re also a meeting place, where surfaces are joined. This exhibition highlights five projects made during the 2015 Eyebeam project residencies, which probe at the porous boundary between the external and the internal, by examining how technologies make visible, audible or thinkable that which is normally hidden away inside.

A subtly interactive installation by Kirschner and Ott allows visitors’ gestures to take on a material form in light and sound. Cheung’s dialogues with her family inventively adapt computer code for its storytelling power. Using natural elements, Brain creates sensory experiences from the wi-fi networks which surround us. Kreutzberger’s paintings interrogate and layer invisible connectivities, while Kogan and Kori explore tools for digital performativity—and in particular, opera.

These works were examples of technology in an expanded sense: they are physical and conceptual tools by which we navigate and ultimately transform our contexts. This show was preceded by the exhibition Outside/In, which sought to bring digital imagery into dialogue with physical architecture.

Eyebeam models a new approach to artist-led creation for the public good; we are a non-profit that provides significant professional support and money to exceptional artists for the realization of important ideas that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Nobody else is doing this.

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