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Rosa Menkman
Portrait of a dark haired caucasian woman in a dark room. Her hair is black and cut with a short black fringe, her eyes are accentuated with yellow eyeliner and her lips are purple red. She holds a projector lens that shows a vague outline of the reflection of her face projected into infinity.
Date and place of birth
b. 1983, Netherlands
Current location
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
2020, Rapid Response Fellow
Member of
The Digital Prepper Toolkit (With Sarah Grant & Rosa Menkman)

Rosa Menkman is a Dutch artist and researcher. Her work focuses on noise artifacts that result from accidents in both analogue and digital media. These artifacts can offer precious insights into the otherwise obscure alchemy of standardisation and resolution setting. As a compendium to this research, she published the Glitch Moment/um (inc, 2011), a little book on the exploitation and popularization of glitch artifacts.

Menkman developed and highlighted the politics of resolution setting further in a second book titled Beyond Resolution (i.R.D., 2020). In this book, she describes how the standardization of resolutions is a process that generally promotes efficiency, order and functionality in our technologies. But how as a side effect, the setting of resolutions also compromises and obfuscates alternative possibilities.

In 2019 Menkman won the Collide, Arts at CERN Barcelona award, which inspired her recent research into what makes things im/possible – including im/possible images. Following this line of research, Menkman aims to find new ways to understand, use and perceive through the use of, and interaction with, our technologies.

Rapid Response Project (202o):

The Digital Prepper Toolkit, read more about it here.

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