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Shawn Reilly
Headshot of Shawn Reilly, who has medium-length brunette hair dyed partially green, with white complexion and freckles. Shawn is wearing a silver hoop nose ring, a deep-v white button up, and black blazer. You can see the black cords of a bolo tie, and silver mushroom collar tips.
Date and place of birth
b. 1995, Staten Island, NY
Current location
Nashville, Tennessee
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
202223, Democracy Machine Fellow

Shawn Reilly is a Nashville-based learner, educator, designer and cultural organizer interested in the power of art, place, space, history, and technology as means of developing youth sociopolitical consciousness in informal education settings. Their recent work centers on the exploration and co-creation of physical and digital maps as a way to challenge dominant narratives and democratize history. Their art and organizing pays particular attention to the implications of democracy in relation to the school to prison nexus, queerness in the South, Christian supremacy, joy/pleasure, and historical and contemporary systems of mutual aid.

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