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Nushin Yazdani
On the image is a femme presenting German-Iranian person with light skin and ear-length curly dark hair and dark eyes, with several piercings and wearing a golden, patterned jacket over a black shirt with a type print, as well as a golden chain necklace.
Date and place of birth
Current location
Between Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
202223, Democracy Machine Fellow

Nushin Yazdani is a transformation designer, artist, and AI design researcher. She works at the intersection of machine learning, design justice, and intersectional feminist practices and writes about the systems of oppression of the present and the possibilities of just and free futures. A Landecker Democracy Fellow, selected as 2021’s top 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics, and a member of the Advancing Data Justice advisory board at the Alan Turing Institute, Nushin is the co-founder of the AI research, advocacy, and art platform Dreaming Beyond AI and part of the collective dgtl fmnsm.

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