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Brian House
Date and place of birth
b. 1979, Denver, CO
Current location
Amherst, MA
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
2012, Project Resident; 2016, Project Resident
Member of
Acoustic Infrastructure (With Meira Asher, Brian House & #TrashDay)

Brian House is an artist who investigates the rhythms of human and nonhuman systems. Through sound, subversive technology, and multidisciplinary research, he makes our interdependencies audible in order to imagine new political realities. His current project, Macrophones, explores atmospheric infrasound as a means of listening to the climate crisis.

House has exhibited at MoMA, Los Angeles MOCA, Ars Electronica, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Eyebeam, among others, and is supported by Creative Capital. The New York Times MagazineWIREDThe Guardian, and TIME’s annual “Best Inventions” issue have featured his work, and his academic writing has been published in LeonardoJournal of Sonic Studies, and e-flux Architecture.

House holds a PhD in Computer Music from Brown University and was Associate Scholar at Columbia University’s Center for Spatial Research. He is Assistant Professor of Art at Amherst College.

On view: Quotidian Record (2012)

Eyebeam Resident Brian House’s Quotidian Record is a limited edition LP that features a continuous year of his personal location-tracking data. In compressing 365 days to 365 rotations and mapping habitual places to harmonic relationships, House hopes to prompt our musical perception when we consider our daily travels.

House’s work invite us to follow data collections from physical realms to digital forms and back again.

From July 3rd- August 12th, 2012 visitors to the Eyebeam bookstore were invited to experience the record in person at Eyebeam’s previously installed listening station.


Read more about Quotidian Record here

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