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Slava Balasanov
Date and place of birth
Moscow, Russia
Current location
Brooklyn, NY
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
2011, Project Resident

Slava Balasanov is a visual artist, musician, and creative technologist who founded Relevant, a decentralized curation protocol based on human values.


Eyebeam Store: Slava Balasanov Pop-Up Shop (2011)

Eyebeam Resident Alum Slava Balasanov works at the intersection of visual art, digital culture and technology. Inspired by virtual augmented-reality and the interplay between 2D, 3D and physical space, Balasanov transformed the former Eyebeam Store in Chelsea into a temporary multi-media showroom based on his interactive project, The Digit: The artist presents a mix of material from the social media platform, which he founded, an e-rect chair, 3D print finger necklaces, impossible limited-edition products and other digital cultural curiosities.


Eyebeam models a new approach to artist-led creation for the public good; we are a non-profit that provides significant professional support and money to exceptional artists for the realization of important ideas that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Nobody else is doing this.

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