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Hertog Nadler
Current location
Amsterdam, Netherland
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
201112, Collaborator

Chaja Hertog (Amsterdam 1978) and Nir Nadler (Haifa 1977) are an Amsterdam-based artist duo operating across disciplines of visual arts, performance, and film. Their work explores relations between the natural and the artificial, between politics and poetics, often combined with physicality, humor, and the passage of time.

Coming from different backgrounds – Europe and the Middle East –  their collaboration combines two approaches into a single vision that embraces contradiction.

Following their graduation from the audiovisual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Hertog earned her MA from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (ArtScience department), and Nadler received his MA in performance from DasArts, an internationally acclaimed program of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. They are fellows of Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Q21 – MuseumsQuartier Wien, and grant recipients of the Mondriaan Fund, Netherlands Film Fund, and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Hertog Nadler has been widely exhibited in institutes such as Kassel Kunstverein, Museum Arnhem, Kunsthall Stavanger, MoCA Taipei, CSW Toruń, Eyebeam NY, Godsbanen Aarhus, Janco Dada Museum, New York Live Arts, Moscow Museum Of Modern Art,  the Thessaloniki Biennale and the Çanakkale Biennial. Their short films have been screened in numerous international film festivals and earned them several awards. In the past seven years, their work expanded to site-specific installations in public spaces. In each new project, they combine cinematic and theatrical languages to respond to a given location, its history, myths, landscape, and communities.

Eyebeam Exhibition (2011)


Partner Organizations:

Why does a minor chord sound sad? Is there a formula for the perfect hit? Whistling, dancing, finger-snapping, and toe-tapping—what makes us do it? Find out when music and science join forces in an interactive bazaar of beats, sounds, and rhythm in the exhibition BIORHYTHM, created by the Science Gallery and presented at Eyebeam as part of the World Science Festival. Learn what drives sound manipulation and discover how different types of music evoke different emotions. Trace the power of an impactful pop hook in a song, measuring the way our brains and bodies react, down to the responses in our fingertips.

Included works: Binaural Head; Sonic Bed; Klangkapsel; Something for the Girl Who Has Everything; Optofonica Capsule; Theremin Inspector V2; Music, Emotion, Empathy; Heart ‘N’ Beat; Reactable; Contacts; Hear, Hear; Traffic; Instrumen; Body Snatcher; Chains of Emotion.


This triptych is a work by the artist Chaja Hertog made in collaboration with Nir Nadler, and is recreated for the first time in New York City. The InstruMen perform a haunting musical experience created by their physical integration with the instruments they are playing. By slowly moving their bodies the performers build up a soundscape that would be impossible to recreate using conventional instruments. Prepare to be moved and disturbed by this powerful audiovisual work.

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