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Constant Dullaart
A selfie of white man in his early 40ies smiling up towards the camera. Blond hair and a bit of a beard. Blue eyes, wearing apple ear pods. Wearing a blue t-shirt and lighter blue, opened, button down shirt. Taken in a casual livingroom setting.
Date and place of birth
b. 1979, Leiderdorp, Netherlands
Current location
Berlin, Germany
Year(s) of residency and/or fellowship
2020, Rapid Response Fellow

Constant Dullaart is a Dutch conceptual artist, media artist, internet artist, and curator. His work is deeply connected to the Internet.  

The fluidity of boundaries between artist and tech communities and questions of authorship, virtuosity, and the performativity of art in a mediated environment is an important aspect of the work of Constant Dullaart’s practice, a practice that reflects on the broad cultural and social effects of communication and image processing technologies. His work includes websites, performances, routers, installations, startups, armies, and manipulated found images, frequently juxtaposing or consolidating technically dichotomized presentation realms.


Rapid Response Project

For Phase 1 of Rapid Response, Dullaart explored new modes of social media and connection in a time of social distancing and isolation through the platform titled, Common Garden. The artist reconfigured and rebuilt social media formats to set up a series of venues for casual social interaction– bars, community spaces, institutions, meeting rooms, and more. These encounters occur in conditions reminiscent of “real life,” without the need to make an appointment or create accounts that reveal one’s identity and personal information to a large tech company.

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