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Radical Experiments: Navigation

Navigation Guide: Radical: Making Space/Breaking Space


Welcome to the navigation guide for the event “Radical Experiments: Making Space/Breaking Space” located at 3rd Floor, Building 22, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Mc Donough Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205. This guide provides detailed instructions to easily locate on-site facilities and event rooms.


Getting to Building 22 from the Main Gate:

When you arrive at the Navy Yards, head to the main gate located at 299 Sands Street – the best entrance to the Navy Yard to reach Building 22. At the main gate, scan your QR code for entry. If needed, you can also seek direction assistance from the security guard. From there, proceed forward for approximately 500 feet, then make a slight left turn and continue for about 280 feet. Next, make a right turn and continue moving forward for approximately 180 feet to reach Building 22.


Navigating from Building 22 to the 3rd Floor:

Once you enter Building 22, you’ll find the elevators situated ahead of you on your right-hand side. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and enter the space through the glass doors to your left, where the event will be held.


Discovering Event Experiences 

  • Theatre:

From the entrance of the 3rd floor, turn right and proceed for about 130 feet to find the Theatre straight ahead at the extreme end.

  • Volumetric Room:

From the entrance of the 3rd floor, turn right and proceed for about 35 feet and the Volumetric Room will be to your left.

  • Pop-Up Exhibition:

From the entrance of the 3rd floor, turn left and move forward for about 20 feet to find the open Pop-Up Exhibition Space to your right.


Finding the Lounge and Food Areas on the 3rd Floor:

There are two lounge sections available for your convenience. Upon entering the event space on the 3rd floor, turn right and proceed for about 50 feet. The first lounge space will be situated on your left. To locate the second lounge, turn left upon entering the 3rd floor and continue to move forward for about 90 feet until you reach the lounge at the extreme end.


Locating the Restrooms on the 3rd Floor:

After entering the event space on the 3rd floor, turn left and continue walking for about 30 feet. This turn will lead you to two All Gender Restrooms and a Wellness Room, all located in the same row. You will encounter another turn diverging into two separate restrooms for women and men, women to the left and men to the right in about 22 feet from this turn.


Getting Navigation Help: 

If you require any assistance throughout the event, please contact us at 9295572594.


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