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In a dark hall, a room-wide screen displays a video.In a dark hall, a room-wide screen displays a video.

Installation view of the 5th VH AWARD at Vision Hall. Photo credit: Screening at Vision Hall, Provided by Hyundai Motor Group VH AWARD.

Open Call: The 6th VH AWARD for Emerging Media Artists

The VH AWARD is open to artists of Asian origin or descent, as well as those whose artistic endeavors intersect with the context of Asia. Five finalists will each be granted $25,000 for production and participate in an online residency program with Eyebeam, alongside the global exhibition opportunities. The Grand Prix recipient will receive an additional grant of $25,000.

Hyundai Motor Group announces an open call for the 6th VH AWARD, Asia’s leading award for promising media artists. Since its establishment in 2016, the VH AWARD has offered a platform for emerging media artists to showcase their artistic expression and engage in a discussion on diverse cultural and socio-political issues.

Applicants for the 6th VH AWARD are required to submit proposals to produce audiovisual screen-based artworks that may include, but are not limited to, video art, moving images, film, motion graphics, computer animation, gaming, and more. Applications may be submitted by individuals or collectives who engage in the context of Asia in their work. Submissions can be made through the VH AWARD website from May 9 to July 5, 2024.

“The VH AWARD is globally recognized for its boundless exploration of participating artists from the Asian region, as well as those of Asian descent and diasporas from around the world,” said Dooeun Choi, Art Director of Hyundai Motor. “We eagerly anticipate the active participation of artists who embrace diversity and inclusion in shaping the past, present, and future of Asia.”

In 2021, the VH AWARD expanded its eligibility beyond South Korean artists to include those whose works creatively portray and question the vast array of issues across Asia. This expansion received a tremendous response, attracting a diverse range of participants and remarkably enhancing the award’s stature as a global accolade. The award is gaining prominence as one of the most significant platforms for emerging media artists who engage in the context of Asia.

For the 6th VH AWARD in 2024, applications will be reviewed by an international panel of jurors. Finalists will be selected based on their originality and aesthetics, compelling conception and innovation, quality of presentation, and sophisticated employment of technology. The jury members include accomplished artworld professionals such as Christl Baur, Festival Director of Ars Electronica; Sabine Himmelsbach, Director of House of Electronic Arts; Martin Honzik, Chief Executive Officer of Festival XSook-kyung Lee, Director of The Whitworth; and Roderick Schrock, Curator and Executive Director of Eyebeam.

The five finalists will each receive a grant of 25,000 USD to produce new artworks. In addition, through a partnership with Eyebeam, the five finalists will be invited to participate in an online residency program. This program, led by artists and curators from Eyebeam, will take place prior to the submission of their final works. 

The recipient of the Grand Prix will be announced in June 2025 and receive an additional grant of 25,000 USD. The artworks created by the Grand Prix recipient and the rest of the 6th VH AWARD finalists will be exhibited across various art institutions and platforms around the globe, including the Vision Hall of Hyundai Motor Group in Yongin, South Korea; the House of Electronic Arts in Basel, Switzerland; the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria; the National Art Council in Singapore; and other venues.

The call for entries will close on July 5, 2024, at 11 a.m. EST, which corresponds to midnight KST. The required materials must be submitted online via the official VH AWARD website.

In a dark hall, there is a video projected on an extremely-wide, wall-sized screen. At the bottom of the screen, there are silhouette shadows of a crowd of people looking at the screen - to demonstrate the size of the video installation.

Installation view of the 5th VH AWARD at Ars Electronica Festival. Photo credit: Immersive Screening of the 5th VH AWARD, provided by Ars Electronica.

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