Stop Work!

Practice of Power


Over the last year, Eyebeam residents have been pursuing deep research into the distribution and analysis of Power, the subject of Eyebeam’s 2016 Open Call: these Saturday afternoon convenings are a window into their process and the provisional results of this research.

Residency Open Call: Trust


The Eyebeam Residency is a prestigious award for artists engaged with technology and technologists working in the arts. Apply by March 29 to research trust.

The Machine and the Audience Enacting Real-time Data

Ursula Endlicher

Ursula talks about being given the opportunity to work on the further development of her project series FAR-FLUNG as a Project Resident at Eyebeam starting in 2017.

Fed Up: On Social Media and Democracy

Mike Rugnetta, Nora Khan, Margarita Noriega, Caroline Sinders, Mushon Zer-Aviv

On 11/30, 4-5PM EST, Eyebeam is livestreaming a conversation between residents and alums on how social media is shaping our democracy through filters, feeds and bubbles.

An open letter on a better future.

All of us at Eyebeam

At Eyebeam, we believe in openness, invention, and justice. These values work together to extend beyond open-source software, to the free exchange of ideas and the full-hearted celebration of diversity. Value-driven engagement with technology is more important than ever.

Yearly Hard Drive


Yearly Hard Drive- Create the future of technology by artists

We are aiming to raise enough money through our Yearly Hard Drive to support a residency position at Eyebeam. This is no small task and we are calling on the support of of our wide networks to make it happen.

Ideas unleashed at our studio


Ayah Bdeir at Eyebeam littleBits technology by artists

We support technology by artists—here are just some of the world-changing ideas we’ve helped unleash on the world through our residency and education programs.

Returning Networks to their Roots

Sarah Grant and Amelia Marzec

Chaos Computer Coven Sarah Friend Radical Networks

At our most recent Stop Work, Eyebeam Impact Residents, Sarah Grant and Amelia Marzec gave some insight into the origins of Radical Networks, a conference about “DIY networking in the context of art, activism, and social good”. The conference is being organized by Grant, Marzec, and Eyebeam’s current Director of Community Engagement, Erica Kermani.

Emotional Data as a System

Caroline Sinders

Eyebeam Resident at BuzzFeed Caroline Sinders

As I begin my Eyebeam Project Residency at BuzzFeed, I’m planning to create (at least!) three prototypes that span design, ethics and machine learning. Here are some of the ways I’m trying to wrap my head around this burgeoning field.

Raise the alarm.

Michael Clemow

Why is it so difficult to site sound art on public address systems? Infrastructure for sound is policed all the more carefully because it is by nature public. You can’t close your ears.