Graham Harwood

Graham Harwood presented his projects and collaborations, including his Eyebeam commission with MediaShed, and work with free media. Joined by the Eyebeam Production Fellows, his collaborators on his commissioned piece with Eyebeam, Harwood presented Gearbox, an open source video editing resource.

A representative from Picture New York made a special appearance to discuss proposed restrictions on photographing rights in public space.


10 Cameras is a video documentation of a 10 channel, one hour synchronized video installation. Ten people equipped with dv cameras meet in the woods of Caumsett State Park, Long Island. Each participant, with camera to eye, simultaneously embarks upon the shoot from the center of the forest. The installation shows each view synchronously, as they disband through the forest choosing their own paths for the length of one minidv tape (1 hour). The excursion begins to end as they whistle to find each other at 50:00. Funding assistance was provided by Experimental Television Center's Finishing Funds.



Project Created: 
April 2003
People: Carrie Dashow
Project Type: Video
Tags: video, nature, Long Island
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