I am very pleased to announce my upcoming book, published by gestalten to be released in mid Jan. 2012.

Edited by Domenicio Quaranta
Design by Manuel Bürger

With essays by:


Awesome!! Thanks to Bruce Sterling and his team: Layar coder Menno Bieringa & Layar artist-in-residence Sander Veenhof  “Dead Drops” is officially part of the Layar Augmented Reality browser app.  Like that!! :)
Thx guys! looks awesome! :)

Press release! http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond

Just 119 m to the next Dead Drop “G23” !!


I met Evan for the first time at Ars Electronica in 2006 riding the GRL wave. The following years we kept meeting up in the same shows all over the globe and became good friends. I only know a few artists who have been that influential for a whole generation of internet aware artists and art aware coders in the recent past.

I always admired Evan for his radical openness. It takes a lot of guts as an artist to open up and share your artist practice to such an extend. Creating tools, generate and share open source code that enables everyone to make and distribute art online or in public space is Evans mission. His work is full of hacks for the browser and the city! They range from clever every day micro interventions on an air plane, to digital tools which change they way of thinking for a whole generation of writers.


[first released on fffff.at]

Make your own FREE Ai Weiwei glasses today!! Download the post card PDF, print double sided, cut and mount the parts!! Show off your pair of FREE Ai Weiwei glasses!!

Aram Bartholl 2011


Here’s a reportback from the Plastic Forever project — an ongoing art collaboration by Richard Lang and Judith Selby — at the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride. Their process involves finding discarded plastic debris and displaying aggregates of toys, lighters and other knickknacks in photos, sculptures and other works, breathing aesthetic life into these (mostly) non-reusable items.

For the festival, they built trophies from found plastic materials in Telluride itself.


And here is an award recipient, who is displaying her prize.

Proiect Biologie




[1st released on fffff.at]

Say it like Ai Weiwei!! Make some noise!! Free Ai Weiwei!!

Drag and drop the link below to your bookmarks tool bar above (tutorial below). Hit the FUCK OFF – Bookmarklet in desired situation while you surf the web! Say it like Ai Weiwei!! Post your screen shots in the comments!


I received a limited edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the Google developers conference for my birthday. I love the android design on the back! But I am super excited because I can take photos, sketch directly over the photo, and upload the image directly to my blog. No more scanning + I can draw/color in layers + undo function + my little sketchbook of the future fits in my tiny Rebecca Minkoff purse. This is my first 100% tablet made blog post.


I’m excited to be working on a new project with Moleskine, prototyping a Moleskine of the future for their event, Objectivity: Notebook Hacking, Collaborative Drawing, and New Collections. I started the project with a visit to the Moleskine NYC showroom. Since I am already a Moleskine user, this was like being let loose in a candy shop. Moleskine let me select a stack of notebooks to bring back to my studio for testing. Many Moleskines were sacrificed to perfect this hack.

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