Here’s a reportback from the Plastic Forever project — an ongoing art collaboration by Richard Lang and Judith Selby — at the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride. Their process involves finding discarded plastic debris and displaying aggregates of toys, lighters and other knickknacks in photos, sculptures and other works, breathing aesthetic life into these (mostly) non-reusable items.

For the festival, they built trophies from found plastic materials in Telluride itself.


And here is an award recipient, who is displaying her prize.

Proiect Biologie




[1st released on fffff.at]

Say it like Ai Weiwei!! Make some noise!! Free Ai Weiwei!!

Drag and drop the link below to your bookmarks tool bar above (tutorial below). Hit the FUCK OFF – Bookmarklet in desired situation while you surf the web! Say it like Ai Weiwei!! Post your screen shots in the comments!


I received a limited edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the Google developers conference for my birthday. I love the android design on the back! But I am super excited because I can take photos, sketch directly over the photo, and upload the image directly to my blog. No more scanning + I can draw/color in layers + undo function + my little sketchbook of the future fits in my tiny Rebecca Minkoff purse. This is my first 100% tablet made blog post.


I’m excited to be working on a new project with Moleskine, prototyping a Moleskine of the future for their event, Objectivity: Notebook Hacking, Collaborative Drawing, and New Collections. I started the project with a visit to the Moleskine NYC showroom. Since I am already a Moleskine user, this was like being let loose in a candy shop. Moleskine let me select a stack of notebooks to bring back to my studio for testing. Many Moleskines were sacrificed to perfect this hack.


I am very please to go live today with a brand new speedshow.net website, designed and WP-themed by Saskia Aldinger. Awesome!!! Thxxx!!!


CRACKED RAY TUBE – at TLVSN Chicago 27.4.2011

1st 2 min of an awesome tube-glitch performance  by the duo CRACKED RAY TUBE I saw at TLVSN last thursday in Chicago … NOISSSEE!!!


Current & upcoming shows / talks / workshops

New Media Pathway
Merzakademie, Stuttgart, Germany
Wahlwoche guest teaching

Digital Folklore
Conference cycle at Gaite Lyrique, Paris, France
curated by Marie Lechner
with: Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, JODI, Aram Bartholl


[first released on F.A.T.]

DISCLAIMER: Don’t do this at home …ähhh … at the city trains U-Bahn or S-Bahn. They check those quite often. The bus driver in the city might ask you for a ticket or yell at you but you can always try to just walk in. At Tegel nobody cares AT ALL …. enjoy the coffee places in Berlin! ( That’s all we have ;-)

See also James’ UK bus hack!

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