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Public Knowledge and Eyebeam are thrilled to announce the inaugural recipient of this first-of-its kind joint residency program: Elisa Kreisinger! Elisa will participate in an initial 2-week orientation and familiarization process at Public Knowledge's Washington, D.C. offices and then work at Eyebeam, with our community, facilities and equipment, to produce a new work that will have a clear relationship to both organizations’ shared issue areas.

Public Knowledge is a public interest advocacy organization in Washington, DC that seeks to ensure that copyright law and communications policy promote creativity, free speech, and democratic values.


We are thrilled to announce the 2013 Fall/Winter Residents! Since the organization's founding in 1997, Eyebeam has supported over 250 artists and technologists through its residency and fellowship programs. Residents are provided with funds to complete a specific project during five-month residency cycles in the fall and spring; Fellows are selected based on a body of work and given 11 months to develop their practice. These select artists form the core of Eyebeam’s community by generating new work and interacting with the public, resulting in a critical examination of social, political and aesthetic implications of technology.


Eyebeam is teaming up with the SPACE-run art centre, The White Building in London for a collaborative residency. The call is focusing on 5 provocative focus inquiries around art and technology, listed below.

1.What is the role of authenticity in the current creative situation? Digital technologies are built to reproduce themselves in perfect copies -- this is antithetical to notions of single authorship. What is authentic; can there be a single author anymore?


Apply now to become an Eyebeam Fellow! We are currently accepting proposals for the Eyebeam Computational Fashion Fellowship, a year-long opportunity to explore new ideas at the intersection of fashion and technology. 

The selected Fellow will be joining the Computational Fashion team in October 2013, and will receive a 12-month residency with stipend.


For more information, please email


About a month ago, I asked Eyebeam alums eteam to write a blog entry on their experiences with e-book publishing to help others who may be going through their own research process. They kindly did so, the result is below. - Roddy Schrock

From pdf to book  (eteam)

In the beginning it seemed so easy, or at least so much easier than editing a video. Easier in terms of technological and space requirements. But as it is with pretty much everything we do, things don’t turn out the way they appear at first. And writing a book was no different. Instead of 3 weeks it took three month for a pocket book of 58 pages to be written, composed and finally printed. 

People: eteam
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Eyebeam is pleased to announce its Open Call for 2013 Spring / Summer Residencies and 2013 Fellowships. Up to six Residents and three Fellows will join continuing Fellows and Residents in March 2013 at Eyebeam's shared design, research, and fabrication labs.

In brief, Eyebeam Residents are selected from a semiannual open call and receive a 5-month residency with stipend in support of project realization. Eyebeam Fellows are selected from an annual open call and receive a 11-month Fellowship with stipend in support of spearheading new research and development. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, November 26, 12PM (noon) EST.

For full information and how to apply, please see the Fellowship Call and Residency Call



Applications now due on Friday, October 19, 12:00PM EST

Mozilla and Eyebeam Art & Technology Center are pleased to announce the launch of a joint initiative to support creativity at the intersection of art and the open web. 

Open(Art) is a unique opportunity for artists and technologists to collaborate on new work that catalyzes creative participation on a global scale. Interested makers are invited to propose projects that push the boundaries of online or networked culture and address contemporary social challenges, while contributing to the community of practice around creative code.

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Eyebeam is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2012 Fall/Winter Residencies beginning in late September. All incoming artists and technologists receive generous stipends and 24/7 access to Eyebeam's design, research, and fabrication studios. Eyebeam residencies support the creative research, production and presentation of initiatives querying art, technology and culture. This 5 month residency is a period of concentration and immersion in artistic investigation, daring research and production of visionary, experimental applications and projects.


Sarah Grant

Jonas Lund (recipient of collaborative residency with Baltan Laboratories)

Jonathan Vingiano




We've launched a Kickstarter campaign, running until 9AM July 6, to build a new, more public exhibition and hang out area for YOU! This renovation will provide a multi-use exhibition and presentation space in addition to our existing bookstore, here in Chelsea. 

The reconfigured space will allow us to showcase works by current artists and alumni in clear view of the street and give us a better public space for book-signings, performances, and parties. We're even planning to add a pop-up coffee shop! 

To do this, we need your help!! 

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