Ubu-Roulette at Eyebeam

August 30, 2014 At Governors Island, Building 15

As part of Eyebeam-Off-The-Grid, an interactive Screening of Ubu-Roulette at Eyebeam will be held at House 15 on Governors Island. It is a 2-3 hour event in which visitors watch random films from Ubuweb using Ubu-Roulette, a tool conceived by artists Marie von Heyl and Joachim Stein. The tool randomizes in real-time the vast collection of video art found on Kenneth Goldsmith’s Ubuweb to create surprising cross-connections between works and people. Recent Eyebeam Resident Sascha Pohflepp will host the event.

Event Type:


Start Date:

30 Aug 2014


2pm – 5pm




Governors Island, Building 15