May 27, 2017

with Morehshin Allahyari
Saturday May 27, 2-6PM
RSVP link available in April.

This event will focus on developing and ‘re-figuring’ a practical and speculative archive of dark goddesses, female djinns, and monster figures of the Middle Eastern origin. Through a Wikipedia edit-a-thon session and a panel discussion Allahyari devises a narrative through practices of magic and poetic-speculative storytelling, re-appropriation of traditional mythologies, collaging, meshing and archiving that sits between the present and future forms of Colonialism and oppression.

2-4PM: A Wikipedia edit-a-thon for creating pages about dark goddesses that form Allahyari’s current archive, She Who Sees the Unknown.

4-6PM: A conversation with theorists, artists and scientists that will delve into re-figuring alternatives to colonialist, racist, and imperialist supremacy in digital space.