FAR-FLUNG’s (fx) form

June 10, 2017

Saturday, June 10 6-9PM
RSVP available in May.

FAR-FLUNG is a performance series that questions the physical and metaphorical interfaces between computers and humans. The third and last round of these large-scale performances driven by real-time data, is in itself modular and consists of public research scenarios, performative installations, and development workshops, leading up to the final large-scale performance.

One of these modules – a networked-performance installation, to be shown June 10 – will raise questions such as: Can protocols and mechanism that are inherent to computers give back to the human who created it? Can they teach us something about the human condition? Can the grammar and logic that governs our globally networked systems be utilized physically and in performance? The Internet of Things allows us to learn about how computers actually experience our world; it makes the logic of the digital, physical.

Data infiltrates our every move and choice. FAR-FLUNG explores our notions of networked connectivity, public and private, and seeks to make these hidden processes visible and experiential.