Eyebeam is running a torch relay as part of opening ceremony for MIXER: OLYMPIAD, and we want you to carry the torch for a leg of it!

To be exact, we want you to make a video of yourself running with something vaguely torch-like in an outdoor setting. The video should start with you entering the frame from the left, and end with you handing off the torch to an unseen person out of the frame to the right. This is important because we will edit the videos together so that the relay (handing off the torch) looks more or less continuous. Your video should be no longer than 1 minute. But beyond that, it's pretty much up to you what you do. The crazier the better.

Oh, and we also need your location (latitude and longitude). We will connect all of the videos together, superimpose animated GIFs of fire onto your torch, and animate the torch route onto a map of the world (think Indiana Jones). The video will culminate in a torch lighting ceremony at MIXER: OLYMPIAD on March 12.

The goal is to have some geographic diversity here, so the further you are from NY, the better. If you have any friends in far-off places that might be interested, please pass this along to them. Right now we are just looking for a head count if people who might be interested. We can provide a very small materials budget if you need it (I'm talking like $10-$20).

Of course, everyone who makes a video will be an honored guest at the MIXER: OLYMPIAD, you will receive credit on the Eyebeam website, and you will earn our gratitude. So please, pass this along. Post it on your FaceTweeter. And if you are interested in making a video, please contact Jeff Crouse.

Here is an example:

by Travis Janssen and Alex Lopez.