Data Viz Challenge Winner: “Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?”

Anil Kandangath asks “Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?” in his simple, powerful data visualization – and wins the $5,000 Grand Award of the Data Viz Challenge: Visualize Your Taxes. Input your salary (under the watch of a winking George Washington) and out come your payments to Medicare, Social Security, and National Defense. Check out the Runner Up ($3,000), Finalists ($500), and Honorable Mentions for more interactive tools and graphics that offer accessible, compelling, and even fun ways to connect your tax dollars directly to federal government spending.

The Data Viz Challenge was created by Eyebeam Art+Technology Center in partnership with Google and At Eyebeam, we believe in the power of transparent data and civic participation in addressing the issues and concerns of our time. Our call to “Visualize Your Taxes” is an invitation to the American public to engage in that spirit of openness – open source, open content, and open distribution.