Open Hardware Summit and Call for Proposals!

couple of weeks ago, a group of us put out a draft of an open hardware definition for public comment. It was such an exciting day, and even more exciting was the buzz around it on Make, Wired, Engadget, and others.

We have been getting lots of comments, encouragements, critique and feedback, which is exactly what we wanted. Much of this started at a small workshop event: the Opening Hardware Workshop I hosted at Eyebeam with the support of Creative Commons. Given Eyebeam's incredible role in the Open Source Community, I wanted to extend an invitation to Eyebeam fans to sign, comment, or join the conversation

On September 23rd, Alicia Gibbs (buglabs) and myself are chairing a summit as part of MakerFaire: the Open Hardware Summit. We will be discussing the definition, and hope to put version 1.0 out to the world! We now have a call out for submissions for speakers, extended till Aug 3rd. Details of the call for submissions are here. Please join us, sponsor us, support us, or just follow us!

Projects: Opening Hardware
People: Ayah Bdeir
Research: Open Culture