In Code We Trust: crowd sourced democracy in the 21st century

Image from "7 Sign Revisions: Low Income Parking" by John Hawke

Organized and moderated by Noel Hidalgo, Director of Technology Innovation, New York State Senate

"In Code We Trust" is the new motto for Government in the 21st century. Across the country, geeks inside and outside of government are developing a new participatory and transparent Federal, State and Municipal governments. Built upon open-source tools, open standards, and best practices, this panel will highlight authorized actors as they  practical examples of initiatives from private, public and government sectors.

Sarah Kaufman - Projects Coordinator, Emerging and Intelligent Transportation Systems, MTA New York City Transit
Laurel Ruma - Gov 2.0 Evangelist, O'Reilly Books
Daniel Latorre - VP, Digital Placemaking, Project for Public Spaces
Phillip Ashlock - Open Government Project Manager, OpenPlans
Ben Berkowitz - Founder, SeeClickFix

6.30 - 7:30 - Happy Hour / Socializing
7:30 - 7:45 - Introduction to the RE:Group show
7:45 - 8:30 - 6 Lighting presentations (20 slides at 6 mins 40 sec) -
8:30 - 9:30 - Questions and Answers

People: Noel Hidalgo
Research: Education, Open Culture, Urban Research
Tags: open gov't, Re:Group, SS2010, SS@N2010