April 29: Citty: Window Gallery Exhibition

Eyebeam is pleased to present Citty, a site-specific installation created by Ted Mineo and Adam Shecter for the Eyebeam window gallery. Join us for an opening reception on Thursday, April 29, from 6–8PM. The work will be on view from April 29 – May 22, 2010.

For the second in a series of exhibitions organized by Eyebeam alum Joe Winter, artists Ted Mineo and Adam Shecter present Citty, a collaborative sculpture and video installation created specifically for the Eyebeam window gallery. Inspired by pet store windows throughout New York City, Citty imagines an architecture of feline diversion, the urban planning of kitty cats. A series of video monitors is embedded in an elaborate landscape of upholstered towers, tunnels, posts, platforms, and rope. Animated video loops further articulate the structural details of the Citty and imagines the activities of its denizens.

This animated content complicates and reiterates the more sinister dimension of Citty's architecture, casting Citty as both a playground and prison for its fuzzy wards.