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In May of 2010 I saw this dark blue-green bike at Flatbush and St. Marks Place in Brooklyn. The design is stripped down to just three bands on the fork, top tube, and seat stays; one band is 1 inch, two are 1/2 inch. I was excited by seeing retroreflective vinyl on a bike in the wild. It seemed like it had to be related to the Bright Bike project.

Bright Bike mod in Brooklyn


From Patrick Davison, for a workshop at the Quest To Learn charter school in NYC:

Talking to someone on the internet? Want to seem cool? Want to photoshop their head onto that of a celebrity? Well – the digital savvy know how to do that, but the REALLY digital savvy know that Photoshop’s not the only way. The world of digital image manipulation is too often seen as a one-horse race, but it doesn’t have to be that way. GIMP is the premiere, super-fantastic FREE SOFTWARE tool for photo retouching, digital image creation, and cover-for-the-CD-me-and-my-friends-made-in-my-basement making. Come get an introduction to both at once, learning the strengths and weaknesses of both as you make your Facebook photos look better, and your friends be more jealous of your skillz. With a “z.”


Bright Bike STOLEN!

This bicycle was stolen on January 8th 2010 at 195 Bowery NYC, a block south of the New Museum. I attached it to the standard NYC metal scaffolding supports but the thief either unscrewed the bolt, or broke through the metal, and released the scaffolding bracket! It has a white non-reflective "BRIGHT BIKE" sticker on the downtube. The wheels are a brand new set of Open Pros, laced to White Industries ENO hubs (eccentric). Dura Ace brakes, and Sugino cranks. Went in for a gallery opening, came out, and it was gone. This is an ICONIC bike, (there are no other bikes in NYC with the full retroreflective treatment) so if you see anyone riding it, it is stolen.


From Marisa to Steve:

Steve! Hi! It sounds like you’ve been galavanting around giving lots
of rock star lectures and wining lots of awards. I hope there’s been
at least one Giant Check in there!

So I am teaching a Visual Studies seminar (intro, undergrad) at
Purchase  and it’s going to be largely focused on
advertising. They’ll be reading Roland Barthes, Marshall McLuhan,
Gloria Steinem, AIDS Demographics uh, Stephen Duncombe… a range, but mostly cultural theory stuff. I was wondering if you could come in and talk about your work, AAA, or anything ad-related that you think
Purchase undergrads should hear about….

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