Michele Barker


Struck is a video and sound installation that begs the question of how do we gain an “understanding” of disease through the visual interpretation of data. The piece addresses the development and implications of visualisation techniques as they are used in the detection and interpretation of neurological disorders. The work continues Barker’s interest in examining the representation of bodily and psychological difference, but now examines the convergence of this with the processes involved in the visualisation of disease itself. Struck is a multi-layered work that will attempt to critically address the effects that being diagnosed with the incurrable degenerate neurological disease Multiple Sclerosis has had on the artist’s life in the past four years. Rather than being a direct emotional response, it is one that will look historically at the disease, its origins, interpretations and specifically, the technologies and imaging processes used to visualise neurological disorders.

Project Created: 
March 2004
People: Anna Munster, Michele Barker
Project Type: Data Visualization, Installation, Sound, Video
Tags: Michele Barker
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