Screenprint on birch plywood box and 4 card stock hangtags
Edition of 80
Produced by The Present Group


Julia Schwadron and I were asked to do a show of our signs at U.Turn Art Space in Ohio. We couldn’t make it, so we sent them instructions on how we do the project. Ohioans there completed the project for us. This is their work:


On Monday, April 6th, at 7:00 Britta and Rebecca had a show at Terence Koh's gallery space (Asia Song Society or ASS) as the first installment in their new programming series, Expel. They created fertilizer from participants' urine over the course of the evening. The event was the latest in a series of workshops that get people intimately involved in their waste cycle. For photos and video, see


Vahida Ramujkic, born in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro), lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. With Rotorrr (, a collective founded in 2001, Ramujkic has a initiated and participated in a series of experiments in "terrestrial water and air" environments that are favorable to the generation of tools and terrains for social interaction, bottom-up self-organization and community generation. Their explorations engage technologies and methodologies such as mappings, collaborative games, manuals, guides and tours. Ramujkic is also completing a long-term investigation concerning the bureaucracy of EU immigration policies, due to be published as a book in Spring 2006.

Ramujkic's residency is in conjunction with Hangar Centre de Producció d’Arts Visuals in Barcelona.

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Tags: games, mapping, participatory
Partner Organizations: Hangar

This is my end of the year silly side project. Originally posted on the site.

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