New Aesthetic

The White Building and Eyebeam are thrilled to announce the inaugural recipient of this first-of-its kind joint residency program is James Bridle. The 5-month residency will begin in mid January of 2014 and run through June of 2014, the first half of the time will be spent at SPACE-run centre, The White Building, London and the second half at Eyebeam, New York.

Bridle’s proposed project sits at the intersection of all five of the areas of the residency call's inquiry. James’s research into the New Aesthetic (a term the artist coined) crosses into many areas of art, society and politics, examining the ways we explain technology to ourselves. In this project, James plans to address the ways in which the New Aesthetic might be considered specifically queer, and what can be learned from that reading of it.

About Bridle:

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