the only thing i can really say in favor of my work is that i try to be
absolutely honest. this doesn't mean things aren't hidden; there are
things i curse myself for daily, hourly, that remain in the dark, that i
try to subvert, repress, rescind. but what is said is the truth as i find
it, which of course is no truth at all. i am a brilliant musician for
example by virtue of being a fraud; i am a selfish friend and lover
perhaps, always on the mend, emending, making amends. i believe others may
be the same, feel the same, scratch away at similar surfaces; for example,
celine was braver than i, perhaps vile to a greater degree. i know where i
stand; like other deluded people, perhaps, if i am so, i revel in my mind,
in the dismal horizon of future discovery which will never come, but
always seems just within reach. if at this point i am a menace to others,



 4:07 AM  -  Limited

when all is abandoned, when i die before my time
the video which surrounds the others, the other,
the video which is a gift from the other to the
other and the video which is the seeing of some
of death to the world, unworlding beyond


caraballo-farman is a two person team composed of Abou Farman and Leonor Caraballo, working in video, installation, and photography since 2001.

Their work focuses on public ritual and collective acts exploring the relationship between individuals and groups, unit and structure, and ways in which one enables the other while also dissolving it.

Their work has been exhibited worldwide, including The Tate Modern (London), PS1/MOMA, The Project Gallery(NY), The Whitney ISP(NY), Artists Space, The Havana Biennial (Cuba), Cuenca Biennial (Ecuador), Impakt Festival (Netherlands). They have won several awards and grants including a Canada Council grant in Media Arts and The New York Community Trust.

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Volume 42, Issue 1, 2009.
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Volume 42, Issue 1 - February 2009


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Color Plates

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General Articles

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Hindu Tree Veneration as a Mode of Environmental Encounter - Louise Fowler-Smith

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Theoretical Perspective

Projects: Workshop 1
People: Rachel Green, Jen Park, Di Mainstone, Aline
Research: Urban Research
Tags: wearables, playful, Isolation, interactive, connection, body
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