Seatings nightly at 7:00PM + 9:15PM
$80 Monday-Saturday, $45 Sunday

Monkey Town 3
June 13 - August 11, 7 nights/week
Screenings: 7pm + 9:15pm 
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Monkey Town, the first experimental, completely immersive film and food experience, returns to NYC at Eyebeam this summer, June 13 • August 11, for a two month nightly pop up before launching a national tour.

Special Event Nights:

Thursday, August 1
R Luke Dubois + Emilie Baltz + Andre Vida + TBA
A night of live music, live visuals, and live food! 

People: Alison Mennor, Annie Pearlman, Astrid Menze, Ben Ridgway, Brian Close, Bunny Rogers + Filip Olszewski, Chris Rice, Errol Morris, Eve Sussman, Fred Hua, Jack + Leigh Ruby, Josh Cross, Kathy Rose, Maggie Lee, Max Sussman, Montgomery Knott, Nacxi Gaxiola, Peter Burr, Shana Moulton, Simon Lee, Tara Sinn, Theo Angell, Trisha Baga, Will Rahilly, Will Strobeck, Zefrey Throwell
Tags: event, Film, food, installation, screening
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