Add-Art replaces online ads with art

In 2006 I started work on Add-Art the Firefox add-on which replaces ads on websites with rotating curated art shows. The add-on is in use by 15,000-20,000 users each week and has replaced ads for over 3 years. I use it every day and it delights me everytime.

Today I am moving on from my role as the lead developer of Add-Art.

Add-Art will continue to work, but it requires a new maintainer. Perhaps you or someone you know would be interested?

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This is one of the interviews I did while at Prix Ars. Somehow we started talking about death in video games. If you want to know what I think about Grand Theft Auto, watch this:


In a profile about Add-Art and the Anti-Advertising Agency, journalist Andrew Adam Newman writes:


Add-Art In addition to moderator Jamie Wilkinson, the panel will feature fellow F.A.T.

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