locative media

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Irene Cheng and Brett Snyder share the inspiration behind their iPhone app and pose questions sparked by their research. Read their story and then go tour the unbuilt city.


How do you define New York City? On September 18th passersby in Tompkins Square Park will be invited to share their answer to this question in words and images. Submitted responses will be projected live after sunset from a giant helium balloon, the Urballoon. The audience can also participate by visiting the urballoon.com website from their mobile device or from an on-site laptop connected to the Internet.


Aphrodite Project: Platforms is an interactive artwork that combines the rich mythology of Aphrodite, the priestesses/prostitutes of ancient

Project Created: 
April 2006
People: Andrew Milmoe, Norene Leddy
Project Type: Hacking, Hardware, Physical Computing, Video, Wearables
Tags: locative media, shoes
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