Alan Sondheim

Last Night's Music at Unnameable Books::

Alan Sondheim, oud
Chris Diasparra, baritone sax

This is a fair amount to watch, but it gives a good idea of the labor
involved in music production, something I've wanted to emphasize.
The oud is plugged in. To 'play like this' requires hours of practice
and an exactness that's difficult for me; I've only been playing
fretless instruments for maybe two years now. So the speed involves
quick stopping and starting (with all the issues of accelerating and
inertia involved), as well as hopefully minute adjustments to bring
the position into tune. Fingers, wrists, arms are involved. To get a
greater reach it's sometimes necessary to move the hand from under
the neck, fretting from above; I gain at least a fourth from that,


Cicatrix, Charred Bodies: Pain and Redemption in Virtual and Real Worlds opens at the Eyebeam Window Gallery on November 29th. "Cicatrix" refers to scar tissue, and for his installation Eyebeam Resident Alan Sondheim juxtaposes early radio equipment with contemporary models of virtual avatars to meditate on virtuality as it relates to distortion, pain, and death. In a reflection on the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, Alan comments how in Second Life pain physically cannot occur, but therefore it also cannot be stopped. The avatars he creates, both through digital texture mapping and 3D printing, capture distorted bodies in moments of unnatural pain. The elements of distortion in Alan's work are aural, too: several antique crystal radio sets will be amplified so they can be heard through the glass in the Window Gallery. Cicatrix, Charred Bodies will be on view in the window gallery until December 11th.


my hasapi for YouTube

here's my hasapi for YouTube but they won't take it because
I'm banned from YouTube until I die and then I won't be able
to play this for you, I worked really hard on this and it
came out perfect except for the camera angel but the lighting
is really good and I hope you have the patients to enjoy it,
it's "my hasapi song" and I worked on it, thank you.

i'm so sorry it's a wmv but something must play it, I know
VLC will do nicely. and it's from my webcam!!! which some
laptops have now!!!


absinthe oud

oud under absinthe, ud ounder absinthe

pain leaking away or is it was it, or what was it

first time for assuage

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