Wearable Weapons

Pushing the boundary of fashion to the absolute limit.

Wearable Weapons awaken the power of vulnerability. 

Wearable Weapons is currently building visual and interactive wearable costumes for an entertainer or singer to wear during a performance or music video.

Right now we are focusing on building a new series of collars with hacked Violet Wands connected to software that pulses mini-electrical arcs through voice interaction.  This is part of a larger series of interactive costumes built with different forms of electricity, fire, sound sensors, open source software, hardware, plant fibers, confiscated scissors from airport security, recycled razor blades, and zip ties.

You might ask... and what are Violet Wands?

Project Created: 
November 2011

Kate Watkins has an eye for the unique and beautiful. She has a background in painting and graphic design but fled to NY to pursue a MFA in Design + Technology at Parsons The New School for Design. She combines her eye for detail and love of color in her computer software to create lovely sound and performance environments. You will always find her hacking toys or antiques she found at flea markets and turning them into computer friendly machines that act as the tools used to explore musical expression and composition.  At Eyebeam she's working with Carrie Mae Rose on physical computing experiments for the interactive costumes Wearable Weapons.

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