Drowning NYC is a transmedia storytelling; an experimental pilot of a story that is told by actors and narrative devices staged over the Internet and in public spaces of a few selected New York City neighborhoods. The story informs the audiences about rising sea levels due to global warming and how urban populations will cope with it. The genre is theorized by the artist as Recombinant Fiction, a political and pervasive form of transmedia fiction.
This project proposes new pedagogical instruments, innovative activist strategies, elaborate media experiments, cutting-edge forms of theatre and cinema, questions about reality perception/construction.

Project Created: 
September 2012
Projects: Drowning NYC, Recombinant Ficiton
People: Paolo Cirio
Research: Education
Project Type: Activism
Tags: activism, Net-Art, storytelling, Tactical Culture, tactical media, Transmedia

Flock House is a group of migratory, public, sculptural habitats that host on underused urban infrastructure as they move with the help of preexisting transportation routes: from barges to flat bed trucks to helicopters, they can easily catch a ride to the next destination while living off and providing for their surroundings.

Commencing in New York City and choreographed throughout urban centers in the United States and three planes of living (subterranean, ground, and sky) the shape and form of Flock House is inspired by current global human migration patterns. Built collaboratively upon reclaimed, redesigned, and rethought materials within a gift culture, Flock House sets out to inspire reinvention of mobile structures in a time when growing urban populations are faced with imminent environmental, political, and economic instability.

Project Created: 
October 2011
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