The Society for Environmental Graphic Design brought together technology, design and interaction experts, as well as 200 attendees passionate about design, to discuss how location-based technologies are transforming our experience of physical spaces and to explore what lies ahead.

Start Date: 
3 Nov 2011

Eyebeam and SEGD partner to present Xlab 2011: Design of Location, an event connecting innovation, technology, and communication design in the built environment. It will explore the location-based navigation technologies that are radically changing how people experience physical spaces.

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Choosing Eyebeam as the venue for Xlab 2011 underscores the event's focus on emerging technologies and how they are increasingly shaping our sense of place, says Wolke. "Eyebeam's mission to promote the role of new media in our culture syncs with our goal to share how new media and technologies may be game-changers in the design of physical spaces," she added. "And Xlab participants will enjoy Eyebeam's amazing venue in Chelsea."
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