I've been thinking about my projects for Eyebeam during the residency period. I tend to work, not on specific objects or processes, but on fields, series or collections of images, videos, audioworks, objects, nothing with beginnings and nothing with endings. I walked around Eyebeam photographing as many spaces as I could. I haven't sounded it out yet; I'll do that at night with the vibration meter and mizmar (an Egyptian oboe). I want to work with sound in the space, reproduce spaces in Second Life, project them back. I want to record VLF radio - very low frequency from around 3 hz to 3k hz, and study the spikes produced by the magnetosphere and particle decays. I need fast software for this; Marko and Roddy and Jon Chors have been very helpful. I have to advertise for interns to help with this, if it's at all possible.

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