NEW YORK— The New York City art elite may be unaware of a cultural phenomenon boiling right under their noses: "Silicon Alley" (as opposed to the West Coast's Silicon Valley) is the going name for New York's burgeoning technology community, a combination of home-office programmers, start-up businesses, venture capitalists, and cheerleading groupies who have given rise to such Internet giants as Foursquare and Tumblr. But a little bit of Silicon Alley made its way to Chelsea last weekend with an Art Hack Weekend hosted jointly by new media space Eyebeam and The Creators Project.


There aren't too many art exhibitions in Chelsea that you have to hunt for, with the rare exception being those fifth-floor galleries that don't seem to have an elevator or staircase. But even through Michael Manning's "Street Show: The Things Between Us" has a street-level Chelsea location, most viewers will pass it by without a second glance. That's because the entire exhibition is condensed onto a USB stick embedded in the façade of Eyebeam, a new media art center and gallery space on West 21st Street. The only way to view the show? Bring your own laptop along, and ideally your own USB extension cord, too.

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