Choosing Eyebeam as the venue for Xlab 2011 underscores the event's focus on emerging technologies and how they are increasingly shaping our sense of place, says Wolke. "Eyebeam's mission to promote the role of new media in our culture syncs with our goal to share how new media and technologies may be game-changers in the design of physical spaces," she added. "And Xlab participants will enjoy Eyebeam's amazing venue in Chelsea."
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New concepts and emerging technologies have always had a significant effect on art, a fact that became almost endemic in the twentieth century. Whether it’s the emergence of cinema, video, or the internet, technology has become increasingly integral to artistic production. The Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, a non-for-profit space in Chelsea, is dedicated to exploring the continuously evolving relationship of contemporary art and design to technology. Often presenting a heterogeneous and even dizzying array of works, this space is always a fun visit. Now through January 29, Eyebeam will be presenting X-lab, an open house lab that lets the public sneak a peek into what the center's residents and fellows are up to. Featuring the work of Aaron Meyers, Brooke Singer, and Jacob Ciocci and numerous others.

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Mikael Jorgensen & Travis Thatcher at The Shrine Of Native Rites For Electric Winter @ Eyebeam, NYC

Travis Thatcher & I played electronics @ Eyebeam, NYC in the following installation:

“Esther Cheung & David Jimison - Shrine of Native Rites for the Electric Winter
Esther Cheung & David Jimison use technology in rituals of psychosomatic magick. The Shrine is a sacred space of the electro native. Projected symbols of a computational astrology on synthetic hides enclose an ambient electro tea ceremony. “


Joshua Clayton is a New York-based graphic designer and media artist. His recent work investigates sound and performance environments, properties of architectural space, and themes of language and transcendence. Presently, Joshua is a master's candidate at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications program. At Eyebeam he's working with Hans-Christoph Steiner on a starter kit for the graphical programming environment, Pure Data.

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From October 26, 2010 - January 29, 2010, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center’s main exhibition space is transformed into X-Lab, an open lab environment where we share the ongoing research and practice of our residents and fellows, and offer opportunities for deep public engagement.

Much as an unConference favors a flexible, participant-driven format that values energetic dialogue over talking head presentations, X-Lab might be described as an unExhibition where, rather than present finished works, we provide a space for critical reflection on and participation in the research and production processes at Eyebeam.


Gastro-Vision: Food and Technology in an Art Lab
November 26th, 2010
by Nicole Caruth


Tikva works at the intersection of Community Participation and Technological Innovation. She is currently investigating Community User Experience Design- that is how do design for the experience of many. She's currently working on creating online and offline conversation around this subject involving data scientists, startup founders, and anthropologists. Comparing online and hyperlocal communities, Tikva is researching the experience of new members in a new social service, the quality of interactions between members, and ways to enhance participation through the design of community assets. As a technologist Tikva consults with startups and brands, both strategizing and implementing launches and development for online, mobile, community-driven and hyperlocal products.

With her expertise in community and human-centered technologies, she has worked on recent projects for Clay Shirky, Hewlett-Packard, Loreal, Eclectic Method, Hashable, Photojojo and Windowfarms.

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Stefani Bardin, M2A™: The Fantastic Voyage (capsule by Given Imaging)

X-Lab shares the thinking and techniques behind current work by our fellows and residents via the Sandbox: a space inside X-Lab designed for testing and workshopping new works currently in process.

The public is invited to interact with the artists' works during our X-Lab Open Hours: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 12PM – 6PM. Docents will lead visitors through the space and introduce artists during those times.

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The Brian Lehrer Show
The Great Urban Hack
Thursday, November 04, 2010

John Keefe, WNYC's senior executive producer for news, talks about this weekend's Great Urban Hack, an event to promote the intersection of journalism and technology. The over-night, open-source "hackathon" is being co-sponsored by WNYC.

Video still from "Synesthesia" by Terri Timely

Join Eyebeam for Surround Sounds, an evening of art + technology + food + conversation with fellow Jacob Ciocci, and residents Dave Jimison and Tahir Hemphill. Over the course of the evening, guests will be invited to share in a series of edible and aural experiences. Ciocci, Jimison and Hemphill will present their sound-based work in an informal discussion environment with food and drink.

Surround Sounds is the first event in Eyebeam’s new X-Lab Salon series, a program of thematic critical discussions taking place around an informal dining table.

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