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Arrangements, 2004

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SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 16th 14:00 [class will start at 15:00]

Location: Tschaikowskistraße 51, 13156 Berlin, Germany

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October 2009
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What was once the factory is now the university. We started off with this apparently straightforward affirmation, not in order to assume it but to question it; to open it, radically rethinking it, towards theoretical and political research. The Edu-factory project took off from here. Edu-factory is, above all, a partisan standpoint on the crisis of the university. The state university is in ruins, the mass university is in ruins, and the university as a privileged place of national culture‚ just like the concept of national culture itself, is in ruins. We're not suffering from nostalgia. Quite the contrary, we vindicate the university‚ destruction. In fact, the crisis of the university was determined by social movements in the first place. This is what makes us not merely immune to tears for the past but enemies of such a nostalgic disposition.

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