Upgrade! NY


Upgrade! NY is a monthly programming series co-produced by Eyebeam and Not An Alternative. Since June 2009, Upgrade! NY has been organizing a thematic series on open source as it relates to activism and creative practice. Upgrade! NY is the New York node of the international Upgrade! network.


We have just uploaded the video documentation for one of the most interesting Upgrade events we had in the past year with Biella Coleman and Zach Lieberman discussing the tensions within the Free Software / Open Source world(s?) on the meaning of “free”. It explores the tensions between ethics and pragmatics, between “to free” and “to open”, between means and ends. If you’re interested in these issues I really recommend you check it out:


Edit (see comments): To view the video in other formats (other than the Flash player), visit the video’s page in Blip.tv.

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