urban intervention

Barricade to Bed

STEP 1: Borrow a barricade

STEP 2: Tip it over

STEP 3: Attach hardware: 4 pcs 1" black plumbing strap with 3/4" wood spacers bolted to 14" tall wooden 2x6s, plus added safety attachments: 3 tennis balls on the ends, and a 1.25" diam. x 20" dowel for the extra leg)

STEP 4: Add a mattress (long cot mattresses work, as well as prison mattresses, or 29" x 79" foam from Canal Rubber)

STEP 5: Adjust design and email Caroline@ourgoods.org with revisions and modifications.

Project Created: 
May 2013
Orange Work - Lexicon

Mandatory Minimum—We Have Moved! is comprised of an urban intervention located adjacent to a Home Depot in Brooklyn and the chain link fence installation at Eyebeam that displays documentation of past Orange Work projects. The Home Depot intervention is comprised of a large printed sign that blandly announces a fictitious increase in the federal minimum wage. The Orange Work method might be summed up as: “Be The State”, by appropriating visual languages to contest issues of spatial dynamics.

Project Created: 
May 2004
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