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Kaho Abe, as part of Eyebeam, a DIY art collective based in New York, has created a Rube Goldberg or Fischli and Weiss-like contraption called the Ticket Machine.

Insert a quarter, and follow the path of the deliberately overengineered gizmo as hacked and discarded electronics perform one step after another, leading to the printing of a ticket. My receipt read "Everything has the potential to become a pancake."


This was the big presentation day for Gift Horse.

We assembled our volunteer crew in the morning and they donned togas for the Green Prix parade.

We already knew that the horse would clear the doorway, but others were concerned. Reality replicated itself and we got outside South Hall just fine.


Jon Cohrs and Morgan Levy's All-Salt: A Naturally Harvested Cure for Everything that Ails You. Presented at 01SJ. Review in GOOD


We are so tired and we are done. The Gift Horse was difficult, as expected — so many details. And now the 01SJ Biennial truly will begin. We’re excited and hope you can make it for the Green Prix parade and presentation at the San Jose Museum of Art on Saturday.

Because of the late-night fatigue, I’ll keep it to a series of pictures with minimal commentary.

Victoria and I were moving at double-speed past midnight.



Today is the second-to-last day we are in the garage. We’re getting pretty tired with the late nights and full workdays, but everyone has responded enthusiastically to the Gift Horse.

We still have more viruses to go, but a late night beer-and-virus session resulted in near completion. Here, Beth (from growBot Garden) and Jenny (from OpenSolarCircuits) are making a few.


They were later joined by more of the garage artists wishing for a late-night break.


More viruses for the Gift Horse. Thanks to the docents of the San Jose Museum of Art and also the ZERO1 volunteers, we finished off 100 viruses today.



01SJ Biennial 2010 Logo

I will be giving a Greasemonkey and Firefox Plugin workshop at the 2010 01SJ Biennial, Build Your Own World. There are still a couple of spots in the workshop, but you need to register here.

This workshop is part of the 01SJ Eyebeam Roadshow.

The workshop runs three days, from September 17-19: Friday, 9/17/10, 5:30-7pm and Saturday, 9/18/10 – Sunday, 9/19/10, 3:30-5pm


Workshop Schedule Updates / Opportunities for
Eyebeam Roadshow at 01SJ


workshops with Mouna Andraos & fluxxlab

$20 materials fee

Workshop #1: Thursday, September 16 - Friday, September 17, 12-5pm
Workshop #2: Saturday, September 18 - Sunday, September 19, 12-5pm

Start Date: 
16 Sep 2010
South Hall 435 S. Market St. San Jose, CA 95113 | 01SJ
Partner Organizations: 

Eyebeam Roadshow San Jose faculty Jon Cohrs, Jeff Crouse, and Taeyoon Choi will be participating in an artist talk as as part of the 01SJ Biennial program, Out of the Garage Into the World. Sharing the stage will be Ali Momeni & Minneapolis Art on Wheels (MAW).

Details here: http://blog.zero1.org/2010/09/13/artist-talks-this-week/

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People: Jeff Crouse, Jon Cohrs, Taeyoon Choi
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