Lizvlx is an Austrian artist and the other half of artist partnership Ubermorgen. She has received several awards including Prix Ars Electronica: 2005 she received a "Award of Distinction" for [V]ote-auction, 2 honorary mentions 2001/2005. , IBM-Award - Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2007,  honorary mention, Share Festival 2007, Transmediale-Award 2nd Price for "Amazon Noir“.

Her projects include the UBERMORGEN.COM, [V]ote-auction,, NAZI~LINE, *THE*AGENCY*, bmdi.de, ipnic.org / injunction generator, etxtreme.ru, bannster.net, the white website, bartnlisa, esof ltd, AnuScan, sleeping baby - playing baby, Webpaintings vs. Pixelpaintings, BANKSTATEMENTGENERATOR, ART FID, Psych|OS und GWEI – Google Will Eat Itself, Foriginal Media Hack No. 1, MACHINIMA No. 1- No. 4, ART FID Painting series, AnuScan Painting series.

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