environmental design


What is the Eco-Vis Challenge? Not only is there an environmental crisis, but an environmental data crisis. Viewing statistics on environmental change is usually overwhelming, unintelligible, hidden and dense. Eyebeam invited artists to collaborate with technologists to redefine what the future of tracking and visualizing the environment could be.

Project Created: 
September 2007
Projects: Edible Excess, feedback, ReBlog
People: Amanda McDonald Crowley, Annina Rüst, Brooke Singer, Carmen Trudell, Douglas Repetto, Eve Mosher, Forays, Green Map, Jennifer Broutin, Leah Gauthier, LoVid, Michael Mandiberg, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Natalie Jeremijemko, Natalie Jeremijenko, Oz Etzioni, Paul Amitai, The Studio for Urban Projects, Tiffany Holmes, Timm Kekeritz, Zach Lieberman
Research: Sustainability
Project Type: Data Visualization, Exhibited Project
Tags: activism, Data Visualization, environmental design, feedback, sustainability, Upgrade!
Partner Organizations:
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