I am Dan (or Daniel) Walmsley. I’m a comedian, musician and programmer who is based in Melbourne, Australia but these days I split my time between the UK, USA and Australia.

My career, such as it is, has mostly been as a programmer. Lacking any kind of career focus, I’ve ended up doing an insanely wide array of things, from weather and lighting systems integration on the new third runway at Incheon (the main airport in South Korea) to global risk management systems in the banking industry, cobol-based accounting systems, and lots and lots of web programming.

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A huge thank you to all our friends who left comments for Project Roebling!. Thanks to you, we are through to the final round of the MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Competition! Now we need your help again. First watch our latest video then help make this project a reality, please go here to enter your comment. Thank you for helping to bridge the digital educational gap.  You can preview the alpha site here.

A bit more on Roebling, from the DML site:


Georg is a visual communicator living in Brooklyn, NY. What does that mean? Good question! It’s purposefully vague but perhaps by looking at his work you will get an idea of what he does. He likes tea and riding his bike and, unfortunately, fantasy baseball. It is a constant temptation that he is not altogether proud of.

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