medical imaging

Ruins (1), detail from an installation of tumors - printed on eyebeam's Dimension 3D printer

For most of the 200,000 women in the United States diagnosed with breast cancer each year, medical imaging is the entry point into the disease. Yet, rarely does a woman get to see her M.R.I. or get a sense of the shape or physicality of the malignancy inside her. Research suggests that tumor visualization can be an important aspect of dealing with the aftermath of cancer, with positive psychological and possibly physiological effects on patients.

Project Created: 
November 2010

caraballo-farman is a two person team composed of Abou Farman and Leonor Caraballo, working in video, installation, and photography since 2001.

Their work focuses on public ritual and collective acts exploring the relationship between individuals and groups, unit and structure, and ways in which one enables the other while also dissolving it.

Their work has been exhibited worldwide, including The Tate Modern (London), PS1/MOMA, The Project Gallery(NY), The Whitney ISP(NY), Artists Space, The Havana Biennial (Cuba), Cuenca Biennial (Ecuador), Impakt Festival (Netherlands). They have won several awards and grants including a Canada Council grant in Media Arts and The New York Community Trust.

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